A Visitor in My Own City

3 Oct

San Francisco has been my home for the last seven years, and I was excited to come back for a short visit in between the Asia and Africa legs of my trip. My great friends Betsy and Marcus (“Betcus”) were getting married on Lake Tahoe, and it was a wedding that I absolutely couldn’t (and wouldn’t) miss.

The beautiful Lake Tahoe

I was also looking forward to enjoying the conveniences of being in the States again – free, fast Internet everywhere, unlimited clean and hot showers, meals of my favorite foods (In ‘N Out burgers, Patxi’s pizza, oysters, red wine, grilled cheese sandwiches, Spaghetti O’s), and of course, getting to see my friends!

The romantic Tahoe sunset

The wedding weekend at Lake Tahoe was as fun as it could possibly be. The setting of the ceremony on the shores of the lake at sunset was unbelievably romantic. Betcus is an absurdly and enviously perfect couple, and their wedding was meaningful, touching, and full of happiness. It was impossible not to feel happy seeing the happiness of these two people that mean so much to me. And it was impossible not to have an amazingly fun time being surrounded by so much good spiritedness and merriment. The fun of the night was accentuated by a great group of guests and the mother of the bride encouraging the taking of tequila shots and Irish car bombs.

Another reason I was super excited to come back to SF: Lucy

It was nice to spend some time in SF after the wedding, taking walks around the city up and over the steep Russian and Nob hills, enjoying the breathtaking scenery of this unbelievably beautiful city with absentee eyes, and visiting all of my “stuff” at Public Storage.

But it was also weird. Despite getting a feeling of comfort that most of my worldly possessions were stored safe and sound in this city I still call home, I didn’t really feel like I was home. Instead, I felt like a visitor in my own city. I still felt like a traveler, with unfinished business to complete.

This feeling made me realize that my trip is still just getting started. I have a long way to go, literally and figuratively, before I will have reached the goals of this journey around the world. I have much more to learn about the world, about its people, about myself, and about what I want out of life before I will be satisfied with the journey and feel like I’m truly returning home.

My next stop is Africa, where my brother and I will be taking an overland tour from Nairobi to Capetown, trekking from the eastern coast to the southern tip of a continent that I’ve wanted to visit for as long as I can remember.


2 Responses to “A Visitor in My Own City”

  1. Connie November 27, 2011 at 4:35 am #

    Lucy made the blog!! She is thrilled!

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